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Office :                 Creska 26 , 52100 Pula , Croatia

Rental location: Rt Kamenjak, Školjić beach

                           52100 Premantura, Croatia


Tel: +385 98 440 977​​​


pula military kayak tour



Join us on the guided kayak tour in Pula where you’ll experience kayaking along the part of Pula bay that once was the largest Austro-Hungarian war harbor. The Pula coast is full of now abandoned military facilities that weren't open to the general public for over 200 years. You will be guided by the experienced kayak tour guide, who’ll make sure you have fun kayaking and learning interesting facts about these military ruins that have played an important role in the history of Pula. 


In about two years, re-development is planned for this historical Pula harbor. This is your chance of exploring this place full of stories to tell in a perfect blend of recreational kayaking, Pula culture, and heritage! 




Tour duration: 4 hours  Tour length: 7-10 km  Difficulty: moderate 

  • We'll start off with a relaxed paddle from Pula harbor after quick kayaking instructions

  • From there we continue to paddle along the coast, sightseeing all the military landmarks on our way

  • We'll take a snack break on the Sv. Katarina island and explore the remains of military facilities